What is Wisetory?

We are pleased to introduce Wisetory, pioneer project of latin dreamers who can now offer a set of digital and analogous tools working in an articulated manner to promote sales companies serving customers Spanish and English speaking.

Wisetory also, make visible to the entire community the efforts of the companies owners to make great this country every day.

The analog part is composed of Coupons Wisetory, which is a printed brochure with the best deals and coupons in the city . This is distributed in business and city offices, and where we are allowed, we installed dispensers for these coupons can be taken by people who enter these establishments.

Coupons Wisetory is integrated by QR codes, with Wisetory.com website, where the user can expand the information about the company, product or service that interests, and to download coupons for the purchase on the advertiser company.

For more advantages over Coupons Wisetory, click here.

The digital part is composed of the portal Wisetory.com , which offers services such as:

Business Directory: Where the companies listed classified by business type and geographic location. Each company has a micro website that provides the ability to give the user detailed information about their products and services, also, events, promotions, coupons and all relevant news for their clients.

The micro website can be used as the website of the company, even for a small fee you can assign an enterprise domain eg www.yourcompany.com

Interesting: In this section, business owners write interesting notes for users. For example, a lawyer can write about immigration, labor law articles, a dentist about tooth care, a mechanic when to change tires. Finally, any note to inform and benefit the readers.

Coupons: Here all the coupons that our advertisers want to issue published. These may be downloaded, printed or simply shown by the customer in the advertising company, for the respective discount or benefit.

Store: Coming advertisers not only advertise their products may be also sell in our shop.

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